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About your guide:

Second year ski guide, Firefighter/EMT, Guide for a local outfitter, WP ski patroller (1980-1998), Long time (40+yrs) Fraser Valley Resident. I know the Mountain!


Ski style:

My preference is to ski the trees but there is a lot of other terrain that is fun as well.  Will adjust for abilities and snow conditions to accomodate what we do.


Why ski with Mr C

We could go to the Living Room, Bolen's Alley, or Line of Sight.  Or head to the Mayor's Hut and Skull Tree.  Even try Harold's Hideout or Topher's Trees.  Whatever we do you will have fun while learning some of the mountain!

kevin p.

Being an older (59 y/o), advanced but not expert skier visiting wp with a friend who skiing was limited to cruising, my needs were different than probably most skiers who might consider this service. I wanted a fun exciting experience for sure, but I also needed someone to be sure that I did not get over my head and be sure I got out of the woods safely. Mr. C delivered on both. Not only did we ski several fun and challenging tree lines on Eagle Wind and Jane, he also gave me confidence allowing me to effectively and efficiently ski to maximize the enjoyment. All our runs were tailored to my abilities and desires. It should also be noted that he was flexible as can be expected with the arrangements allowing to match the appointment with fresh snow. And this really paid off as we avoided some firm/slick/chunky skiing for some nice soft fresh powder. All the other comments regarding Mr. C personality and knowledge of the mountain are spot on. It was a short time after introduction that it felt like you were skiing with old friend. Lots of good stories and plenty of laughs. So, if your profile and needs are like mine, I highly recommend Mr. C and I’m sure you will be happy too. Also, special shout out to Jake and Janel, thanks for your help organizing this.

April 08, 2019
Adam B.

I had a spectacular ski day with Mr C yesterday. He knows the mountain like the back of his hand and combined his decades of expertise on WP ski patrol make Mr C the perfect high end guide for advanced skiers who are looking level up their mastery of winter park. He was also super fun to chat with on the lifts and was a wealth of interesting stories about the mountains history. In other words he had everything you could possibly want in a ski guide: knowledge, fun personality, hard charging ski lines! Skiing with Mr C and hour before the lifts open and then skipping all the lines onced they opened was an unexpected treat as well. I would definitely recommend booking at 8a to take advantage of having the entire mountain to yourself! I hope to make some turns with Mr C again soon! He exceeded my high expectations and my very sore legs couldn’t be happier!

March 16, 2019
William E.

BEST SKI DAY EVER! Mr. C. not only showed us the secret stashes but thoughtfully planned our routes to maximize the POW and get us up and back as fast as we were able. Cutting lines on a powder day is really cool and is fun all by itself and makes you feel like an aristocrat. Mr. C really is a great guide and really gets it done!

March 11, 2019
Brian K.

Had a great morning skipping lift line and ripping trees and bumps with Steve aka Mr. C. He knows where to find all the special stashes and how to get you there fast and furious. Don't be fooled by his calm demeanor, he can tear it up top to bottom!

March 10, 2019
William E.

Awesome day with mr C. He knows every inch in the mountain and can find the stashes. Super chill dude with a great attitude and personality. Former patrol at WP so he not only knows the area but how to do it right.

March 10, 2019
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