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About Your Guide:

My name is Matt Stefanski, I have skied at Winter Park Resort for twenty years, the last twelve of which, I spent as a Winter Park ski patroller. This Mountain has felt like home since the day I moved here, and I have explored just about every nook and cranny it has to offer. Any day on skis is a great day, whether that means face shots in the Eagle Wind Territory, rocking bumps at The Jane, early morning corduroy that will make your eyes water through your goggles, or a nice relaxing cruise from Parsenn Bowl to Vasquez Ridge.

Ski Style:

Being a patroller at Winter Park meant having to ski any terrain at any given time. This philosophy carries over to my ski style; I'm just as content in the Alphabet Chutes of the Vasquez Cirque as I am cruising the groomers offered by the front side of the Mountain. Don't get me wrong, nothing beats an untracked, secluded tree run on a 10" powder day; but I still have a smile on my face while edging down "racing Hughes" or navigating Mary Janes infamous moguls

Why Ride with Matt:

Whatever you would like to get out of your experience at Winter Park Resort, together we can make it happen. The goal of skiing is to have fun, and that is what I strive for every day. Enjoy yourself, share this awesome sport, and maybe, learn some stashes you never knew existed. See you on the Mountain!!!


Rick P.

My day with Matt was fabulous. Matt was pairs with me specifically for my interest in introductory avalanche beacon, terrain, and snow pit training. Matt’s extensive experience, pairs with great communication skills and an easy teaching style gave me a great introduction and training in these skills. And, along the way, we skied some great runs and in some of the less busted and more alpine parts of the mountain, which I prefer. I highly recommend skiing with Matt!

March 08, 2020
nathan b.

Our experience with Winter Park Guides and Matt specifically was absolutely great from the start. With an in depth knowledge of the mountain, finding the kind of terrain we were looking for seemed to come pretty easy to Matt. Since we booked early morning, we were able to make a few laps before the lifts opened. I would say that having the mountain to yourself, if even for a short time, was worth it in itself. I've never been able to carve down a hill without breaking my line from top to bottom before, and man is it nice on a long run. Since it was so cold and everyone's skis/boards were sticking to the powder Matt would go out of his way to really help my struggling snowboarding nephew on the flats we did run into on this very cold day. He really did have a quality experience for his guests at the front of everything he was doing. We didn't stop to consider a trail map once during our tour, he simply led us all over the kind of terrain we were after. After we parted company was the first time I consulted a map. I would not hesitate to book another guide day as it seems like someone with this much mountain knowledge would be able to show you new spots every time you went. If you are considering this guide service, definitely go for it.

January 03, 2020
Lara P.

Matt was great. Skiing with a guide was a gift and an idea from a family member so I wasn't sure what to expect. I am a pretty good skiing but rarely venture off the trails as I tend to ski alone. Matt quickly gauged my experience level and took me off the grid and showed me the best parts of the mountain I normally wouldn't see. He was great and a pleasure to ski with. Request Matt during your next visit to get the most out of your experience.

January 22, 2020
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